• imagePaul Ellis


Fave Sabbath Song = Ozzy Era = Children of the Grave. Dio Era = Sign of the Southern Cross.
Fave Ozzy song = Rock n Roll Rebel/Over the Mountain/ Perry Mason/ Bark at the moon, the list goes on
Why Sabbath/Ozzy = Sabbath are the true Godfathers of Metal, Writing some of the greatest Songs of all time. The worst and best thing Sabbath did was to sack Ozzy. If they hadn’t, we would not have had the Ozzy classics.
Fave bassist- Steve Harris/Geezer Butler and Geddy Lee.
Gear Used-  MusicMan Stingray 5. Gallien Kruger Amp. 8X10 Kustom Cab.
Previous Bands = Ozzbest, Roger the cat, Carrera, Fiori, Valhalla, Pearled Jam.
Fave Drink- Stella + A Single Malt Whisky.
Other Band- Breed